GIZMO Creative

Software as a
Creative Process

Real answers
to Opportunities

  • Discover the Need
  • Discover the Need
  • Identify the Market
  • Identify the Market
  • Architect the Product
  • Architect the Product


Point A

GIZMO's planning is centered on the opportunity, driven by market requirements, user stories, and our extensive experience in tech startups. Development milestones and dependencies are identified and distilled into a three-year roadmap with an initial MVP at 3- to 6-months.


Series A

When planning a complete product, there is no substitute for a calculated approach that accounts for all stakeholders. When building it, you have to deliver measurable results while anticipating change, iteration, and refinement. We're agile and we're rational.

that Scale

  • Develop the MVP
  • Develop the MVP
  • Test Market Fit
  • Test Market Fit
  • Iterate Based on Feedback
  • Iterate Based on Feedback



GIZMO is comprised of PHP/MySQL, Java, UI/UX/JavaScript, and native iOS/Android developers. Built on the GIZMO Core™ cloud framework, we accelerate time-to-MVP and reduce external license dependencies — while ensuring the benefits of a custom-developed application.

We Deliver


We have decades of experience and we've watched many technologies emerge, mature, and decline. We believe the viability of the application trumps all else, even if it means we favor using proven technologies over the bleeding-edge variety our inner-geek desires.

and Effectively

  • Deploy in Production
  • Deploy in Production
  • Improve and Enhance
  • Improve and Enhance
  • Monitor and Scale
  • Monitor and Scale


Cloud Hosting

GIZMO has operated a private cloud for years, hosting and managing most of the applications we've developed. Built on a tier-1 global IP network and our own "bare metal", our cloud is designed for high-availability at every layer — with the help of NTT, VMware, ZFS, Ubuntu, and FreeBSD.


The Loop

Hosting is an essential part of our quality control process. As we watch your application scale and stress, we iterate to maintain optimal performance. This ensures your organization's growth potential with an added layer of customer service and accountability.

and Management


The Hero at GIZMO

After years of growing product-driven software companies, GIZMO's principles were attracted by the idea of building a virtual services enterprise capable of assembling the best American talent regardless of geography, in a way that was entirely transparent to the client.

GIZMO’s client-centered teams mirror a shared resources model which enables us to scale up or down with minimal disruption while simultaneously preserving the mind share invested in a project. Each team includes an account manager, project coordinator, and developers matched to project requirements.

In order to achieve the objective of a virtual services enterprise, GIZMO has assembled a constellation of tools that create a sense of space for development teams to function as if they are working in the same room.

In developing the organization, we were driven to serve our associates as effectively as our clients. Team members join GIZMO and remain because we provide a compelling value proposition for working remotely.

Daniel Duerr



Founder & Chairman

GIZMO’s Founder & Chairman is an expert developer/architect with a strong entrepreneurial track record. Daniel founded Grey Zone in 1998, creating the first commercial PHP-based SaaS CMS.

Thomas Cunningham



Chief Operating Officer

GIZMO’s Chief Operating Officer is a 26 year operations veteran. In 2003 Tom co-founded email security leader Sendio. He's passionate about helping companies assess risk and navigate the development process.

Daniel Duerr



Chief Technology Officer

GIZMO’s Chief Technology Officer is a multi-faceted software engineer, architect, and executive. Matt is passionate about leveraging technology to solve complex business and social problems. His approach is user-focused and mobile-first.

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